Low Poly Music Instruments pack

This asset is a low poly music instrument pack and bonus theatre

Note: The characters are made to showcase musical instruments. There are no rigs or animations on them. Characters are added to the pack. You can easily add rigs and animations to them with Mixamo.

There are a total of 133 prefabs and 51 music instruments in the package. There are 3 base textures and one emission texture. In addition, there are two additional base textures, and you can use them to make objects different colors.

The package contains theatre scene and other showcase scenes as shown in the pictures 

Drums:  floor tom, high tom, snare drum and etc.

Guitar family: acoustic guitar, classic guitar, 3 electric guitar, electric guitar amplifier

Keyboard instrument: accordion, arranger keyboards, digital piano, 3 music organ, grand concert piano, grand living room piano, grand semi concert piano, piano studio, piano upright, stage piano, synthesizers

Lamellophones: kalimba

Percussion instruments: chinese drum, cure nagara, djembe, drum, gong, qaval, qoltuq nagara

Saz: electric saz, classic saz 

Stringed instruments: balalaika, balalaika contrabass, banjo, harp, oud, pipa

Other Stringed: kamancha, tar Azerbaijani, tar Iranian

Violin family: cello, double bass, viola, violin

Wind instruments: clarinet, flute, horn, pan flute, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, tuba, wooden flute

Props: 4 chairs, note stand, microphone and etc. 

Theatre parts: theatre chairs, stairs, truss, traveler curtain, valance, column, and etc.

Lights: chandelier, spotlight and etc. 

As an example, the tris number of some objects is listed below:

Balalaika: Tris - 210

Classic guitar: Tris - 400

Organ: Tris - 1410