Low Poly Kids pack

This asset is a low poly kids toys and room pack. It can be useful mainly for prototyping or low poly games.

The object with the highest number of polygons is a teddy bear

Teddy bear: Polygon - 430 / Tris - 842

There are a total of 121 prefabs and 15 prefab collections in the package. There are two base textures and one emission texture. In addition, there are two additional base textures, and you can use them to make objects different colors.

The package contains 5 kids' room scenes as shown in the pictures

Inside the package there are 26 prefabs to build a room: window, door, wall. floor etc.

The package contains 12 furniture prefabs: bed, chair, table, etc.

The package contains 42 prop prefabs: book, canvas, lamp, curtain, easel, etc.

The package contains 9 symbols prefabs (54 characters in total): letters, numbers, symbols

The package contains 32 toys prefabs: cars, bears, trains, guitars, etc.

The package contains 15 prefab collections: (a train track), (pencils, books, a picture on the table and a chair next to it), etc.